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Traveling is Fun, but Stay Prepared!

Travel Insurance is your safety net, especially while exploring Canada. It ensures a carefree journey by covering medical emergencies, trip disruptions, and lost belongings. At Purple Financial Services, we have got you covered with comprehensive options. So, embrace the beauty of Canada and beyond with confidence, knowing we’re here to make your adventure memorable and worry-free. Check out our range of coverage options today!


If you are not Canadian and you are visiting Canada, then you need Visitors to Canada Travel Insurance. Canadian healthcare doesn’t help with visitors’ medical costs, so it’s smart to get travel insurance. It’s better to buy it from a Canadian Insurance company because they know how the system works here. This way, you won’t have to pay lots of money and wait for reimbursement after your trip

These insurance companies know healthcare work in Canada. They can help you find the best care. If you need help, it’s easier with them, and you won’t have to pay lots of money and wait for it back home.

Visitors to Canada insurance gives you coverage for medical emergencies and hospitalizations in Canada. The Coverage can vary from $10,000 to $200,000 throughout your policy period.

During your visit to Canada, if you have a medical emergency, just call the toll-free number anytime. They will connect you to a professional who can help you find the right care from a doctor, clinic, or hospital.

Emergency medical fee coverage includes (limits and coverage may change depending on the provider):

• Emergency hospital care
• Emergency medical care
• Emergency medical transport
• Accidental dismemberment or death
• Escort expenses
• Emergency dental care
• Emergency travel home
• Repatriation of remains

Before buying, strongly advise reading and understanding the policy wording document carefully.

• Immigrants to Canada
• Holders of Canadian work or student visas
• Canadians not covered by a government health insurance plan (GHIP)
• Visitors to Canada


No matter your reason for travel- shopping, work, study, or vacation- emergencies can strike anytime, anywhere. Travel insurance is crucial, providing aid when sick, stranded or more. Canadians journeying abroad benefit from this coverage. It shields against medical emergencies, trip disruptions, and unforeseen circumstances. Canadian health insurance might cover little abroad, even within the country. Illness and accidents can ruin plans and bring unexpected costs. Stay prepared and worry less about travel insurance.

Coverage in travel insurance varies, but commonly includes Emergency Medical Expenses, Trip Cancellation and Interruption, Travel delay, Baggage loss, Emergency Medical Evacuation, Accidental Death and Dismemberment, etc.

Some policies offer extras like medical evacuation, remains repatriation, and travel help. These are useful if a severe illness or injury happens, requiring travel back to Canada for treatment. When buying insurance for Canadians abroad, check policy details, limits, and options for proper coverage based on travel plans and needs.


The Super Visa program is for parents and grandparents of Canadians who want to stay longer. This visa lets them visit for up to 10 years, staying 5 years each time. To get it, they need private medical insurance meeting specific rules. This is important because Canada's healthcare does not cover visitors, so they might face big medical costs. Remember, Super Visa Insurance is different from travel insurance and is required for the program.

To get Super Visa Insurance, you need:

▪At least $100,000 coverage from a Canadian insurance company
▪ The policy must last at least a year

Consider your needs, like pre-existing conditions, drugs, dental care, etc. If your visa is denied, providers refund the premium. We can help you find a good provider with the right coverage, payments, and rates for a safe and fun visit to Canada.


Studying abroad in Canada is an exciting opportunity, attracting thousands of international students every year. Canada is a preferred destination due to its affordability compared to the US and the UK. At Purple Financial, we are dedicated to ensuring your medical needs are covered while you focus on your education. Our student insurance plans provide comprehensive coverage, including immediate treatment, surgery, hospitalization, and more, giving you peace of mind during your academic journey.

While Canada offers free healthcare to its citizens and permanent residents, international students must arrange their own health insurance. Some colleges may help, but it is important for all international students to have adequate coverage during their stay

The healthcare system in Canada varies from province to province. So, it is advisable for International Students to be aware of the healthcare facilities which the province in which their educational institution is situated.

If you are student who is planning to visit Canada for studying, and confused which healthcare insurance is suitable for you, we at Purple Financial can help you with right plan of Health Insurance.